My Story

Born in Port Harcourt Nigeria, raised in Winnipeg MB.

I have 5 siblings: 3 brothers and 2 sisters. On February 20, 2020 I lost a brother.


I have been self-employed for 15 years.


From 2010-2013 I moved from Alberta to Winnipeg to study at the University of Manitoba. I majored in criminology & political studies, with a minor in history.


The love that I have for the city of Calgary makes me want to change the direction our crooked politicians are driving us into. We have suffered over $1 million in business losses because of the unfair business practices from systematic racial injustice.

My Platform

What I Will Do For Calgary
  • Build the Economy and Entrepreneurship
  • Eliminate wasteful spending;
  • Provide 50% subsidies for small businesses if they hire a minimum of 4 or more employees that work 40 hours a week per employee;
  • Provide grants up to $100,000 with a minimum of 4 employees and a business plan; 
  • Provide rental subsidies to businesses; and 
  • Make Calgary a tourist destination. 

Address Racism

  • Make Indigenous studies part of a mandatory school curriculum; 
  • Include units on racial injustice for grade school students; 
  • Increase teacher’s wages by 10%; 
  • Eliminate the bad police officers that make the other 99% of great police officers looks bad; 
  • Hire more police officers and reduce over time; and 
  • Engage in community relations between police officers and the neighbourhoods they patrol. 

Eliminate Homelessness

  • Provide grants and subsidies for affordable housing; 
  • Support organizations to protect the most vulnerable; 
  • Create more effective and available resources for mental health services; 
  • Convert empty offices downtown into affordable condos; 
  • Enact rent control laws; and 
  • I will donate 10% of my salary to affordable housing. 

Mental Health

  • I will donate 10% of my salary to mental health and suicide organizations; 
  • Victims of mental health will no longer be neglected under my leadership; and 
  • I will hire more experts, including psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers and raise wages by 10%. 


Reduce Prejudice

  • Accountability for racial discrimination; 
  • Accountability for gender discrimination; and
  • Accountability for religious discrimination. 

Eliminate Corruption

I am the vaccine, and I will eliminate corruption, because corruption is disease.
  • Prosecute the corrupt politicians that defraud the City Of Calgary’s tax dollars; 
  • Revoke the licenses of shady businesses; and 
  • Seize the corrupt politician’s properties and bank accounts and return all funds back to citizens. 

Snow Removal

  • Quick snow removal in winter. 

Transit Passes

  • 50% discount for students; and 
  • 50% discount for seniors. 

Sports & Community

  • Build a multiplex arena for all sports; 
  • Promote sports in Calgary (such as: cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, track & field and more); and
  • Throw more concerts & entertainment for Calgarians. 

Better Estimates

  • All projects must have a scheduled start and end-date; 
  • Eliminate big cooperation for projects; 
  • Hire direct workers for projects; and
  • Allocate all wasteful tax dollars to invest in infrastructure. 

City Of Calgary Generate Income

  • Property taxes; 
  • Speeding tickets; 
  • Photo radar tickets; 
  • Parking tickets; 
  • Other fines & violations; and
  • Bus/trains incomes.

Rent to Own

Own the home you’re renting after paying $500 monthly for 20 years, or $1000 monthly for 10 years. 


I will put an end to the ways that people are discriminated against when applying for loans. 
  • No discrimination based on credit – bad credit or good credit is welcome; 
  • No race discrimination; 
  • No gender discrimination; and
  • No religious discrimination; 
To qualify, you must: 
  • be 18 years old; 
  • have 6 months of consistent employment or other source of income.



  • Grade 1 – 12  mandatory indigenous studies.
  • Finance & savings studies

Vote Will Vizor

For Mayor of Calgary